How to use FuzeBot


By Andie Suggs

updated 5 months ago

1. Build a List and take note of the search criteria you used

2. Assign FuzeBot to your List

  •   Go to Leads > Click on Automate with FuzeBot 

  • You will be directed back to the Market Based search page
  • Input or Select the same search criteria you used when you built your list and click on Save Traits

  • Specify how many leads you want FuzeBot to add to your list DAILY then click Save Automation

  • When you go back to your Leads page, you will see that you now have a FuzeBot icon for that list and it will show you how many leads will be added to your list daily.

  • You can click on "Pause"  on the upper left corner of the list card to stop FuzeBot from adding leads to your list.
  • Once paused, you can click on "Resume" to enable FuzeBot to your list and start adding leads to your list again.

Please note that FuzeBot is a night owl, so expect to see newly added leads the next day. 

You can learn more about FuzeBot here:

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