What is FuzeBot?


By Andie Suggs

updated 5 months ago


FuzeBot is an A.I. powered sales assistant that does all the grunt work for you.

You can assign FuzeBot to your list/s and have him add a certain amount of leads to your list on a daily basis so you don't have to go in and add leads manually every day.

When you've added all the leads for a market, and we find more leads as we update our lead pool - FuzeBot will be able to add those leads for you without you needing to go back and manually run those searches.

Oh - and he's a night owl, so expect to see newly added leads to your list/s the next morning.

You may want to read up on our blog to learn more about FuzeBot: https://www.leadfuze.com/introducing-fuzebot-never-spend-time-prospecting-again/

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