SalesForce Integration


By Andie Suggs

updated 3 months ago

Step 1: Authenticate and Authorize via the API Token

  • Within the app, go to Settings Integrations then turn on SalesForce Integration

  • Click Yes

  • You will be redirected to the login page for SalesForce; enter your username and password

  • You will be asked if you want to allow LeadFuze access to your SalesForce account, click Allow


  • The SalesForce integration switch will turn green after a successful connection

Step 2: Send Leads to SalesForce

  • Go to Leads Choose a list

There are two different ways to send leads to SalesForce:

  1. You want specific list/s to go to SalesForce:

Go to Leads Choose the list > List Options > Send To > SalesForce

  1. 2. To select individual leads to send to SalesForce:

Go to Leads Choose the list > Select contact(s ) > List Options > Send To > SalesForce

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