Pipedrive Integration


By Usama Iqbal

updated 5 months ago
Pipedrive is a sales management tool designed to help small sales teams manage intricate or lengthy sales processes.

Step 1: Authenticate and Authorize via oAuth

  • After login, allow install to authorize LeadFuze to access your Pipedrive account


  • Pipedrive Integration switch will turn green after a successful authorize

Step 2: Send Leads to Pipedrive

  • Choose a list from https://app.leadfuze.com/#/addleads  
  • Select one or many leads from the list and select List Options > Send To > Pipedrive


Step 3: Verify the data

  • A list of prospects will appear under Contacts -> People

  • Now you can click on each email address, and create a new deal:

  • The prospect will now show up in your “Deals” tab:

You can then choose how you segment your prospects, you can see the list here I have:

  • List: all the cold emails I’ve collected
  • Replied to Cold Email: People who have responded to my outreach message
  • Scheduled Talk: People who have replied a 2nd time to email message or phone call
  • Had LIVE Contact: Either phone call or email chain
  • Proposal Presented: Have shown them product offering

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