Mailshake Integration


By Andie Suggs

updated over 1 year ago

You can now let LeadFuze build your lists, then have these contacts automatically sent to Mailshake to trigger your email outreach campaigns. 

Get Started with the Mailshake Integration

Step 1: Authenticate and Authorize

  • Turn on the Mailshake integration switch.
  • Authorize LeadFuze to read and write campaigns and recipients. LeadFuze uses these permissions to read campaigns and send leads as mailshake recipients.
  • Mailshake integration switch will turn green after a successful connection.

Step 2: Configure List-Campaign Settings

  • LeadFuze does not send existing leads to Mailshake right after authentication as the user hasn’t selected the campaign yet.
  • In order to continue using Mailshake, the user needs to manually select a campaign for each list he/she wants to export automatically. Every time leads are added to that list, they will automatically be sent to the selected Mailshake campaign in the settings. If no campaign is selected, leads will not be integrated automatically.
  • To select a campaign for a list, visit and select a list.
  • Go to List Options > Send to > Mailshake > Settings
  • Select a campaign and hit save.

Step 3: Export Leads Manually

  • LeadFuze sends leads to campaigns automatically once a campaign is selected but exporting manually is useful when:
    • No Campaign is selected for the list.
    • To change the campaign for a lead that was sent to Mailshake automatically by LeadFuze.
  • To send leads manually, visit Select a list and at least one lead.
  • Go to List Options > Send to > Mailshake
  • Select the campaign from the sub-menu. After clicking on a campaign, you will get a message informing you if the export was successful.

  • If the sub-menu under List Options > Send to > Mailshake shows No Campaigns Found, visit and create a campaign.

Step 4: Verify the Data

LeadFuze sends the following data to mailshake:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • City
  • Metro area
  • State
  • Country
  • Lead’s Linkedin Profile
  • College Majors
  • Skills
  • Interests
  • Job Title
  • Job Functions
  • Job Start Date
  • Lead’s Industry
  • Company Name
  • Company’s Industry
  • Company’s Linkedin Profile
  • Company’s Website
  • Technologies being used by Companies
  • Job positions that the company is seeking to hire.

Now, you can see all these details within Mailshake and use them as custom fields in your outreach!

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