How can I increase my maximum search results, list size, and Fuzebot daily leads?


By Andie Suggs

updated 12 months ago

By default, your account is limited to 1,000 maximum search results per search, 1,000 leads per list, and automation is capped at adding 100 leads per day. Remember, you can add as many leads as you would like yourself, just the automation process is limited. 

The good news is - it's very easy to expand these limits dramatically! 

  1. For starters, leave reviews on specific review sites listed HERE. Bam! That gets you to 2,500 max results, 2,500 max list size, and 150 leads per day using Fuzebot.
  2. Next, share the link of your LeadFuze review with your LinkedIn audience. This gives you access to 5,000 max search results, 5,000 max list size, and 200 leads per day using Fuzebot!
  3. Lastly, invite at least 3 contacts. If anyone you refer joins as a LeadFuze customer, we'll allow you 10,000 max search results, 10,000 max list size, and 250 leads per day using Fuzebot!

Why the Limits on These?
This helps protect you and us.

It helps you by ensuring you aren't just building a massive list for spam purposes, helps ensure you are still maintaining a targeted ideal customer persona, and allows you to maintain high level of personalization when you do your outreach (since you'll be able to spend more time on those folks). Spending the time on personalization will ultimately get you better results with your sales and marketing efforts.

It helps us by ensuring our data providers and our servers are not constantly being abused through our automated process.

It also prevents you from getting your email (sending all those leads to your email outreach tool) shut down or LinkedIn account shut down (if using any LinkedIn automation software to send connection requests, etc). 

Lastly, it prevents long load times for massive lists.

"But I thought it was Unlimited?"
It is! You can still run as many searches as you would like, you can add as many filters as you need to get as targeted as can be (to get results UNDER the maximum), you can create as many lists as you want, AND you can add as many leads yourself as you would like (without the automation)!

Once you have completed each of the three steps above (sharing, leaving reviews, and inviting customers) - if you don't see this reflected in your account, let us know using the chat option in app and we will get you taken care of!

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